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Welcome to the wonderful world of Woo & Blue, two delightfully playful toddlers who are on a mission to capture the quintessential magic of childhood through their pick of toys and gifts. With a twinkle in her eye Woo likes nothing more than dressing up in bustling frocks and pretending to be a princess, planning tea parties for her dolls or heading off for adventures in the garden accompanied by her most precious toys. Blue, on the other hand, is partial to building dens out of quilts, chasing wooden trains around the furniture and slaying make-believe dragons. He's also no stranger to donning an apron and baking a scrumptious cake. While making friends with all the local wildlife is part of their daily routine, both Woo & Blue dream of having a pet woodlouse when they're all grown up. But those days are far, far away. For now, let's stay and play a little longer...



As a five-year-old girl, Chloe was utterly convinced that she saw a teeny tiny fairy dancing around on the landing at bedtime. While the wisdom of time and age have taught her it was more likely a Daddy-long-legs fluttering around, she remains no stranger to the wonderful world of make believe. 

Prior to joining forces with Lops and kicking the tyres of Woo&Blue into motion, Chloe followed mountain gorillas around high up in the lush mountains of Rwanda in the name of scientific research. When not hanging out with the great apes she would hang out with some of the local children who made balls out of string and plastic bags, toy aeroplanes out of recycled cans and dolls out of banana palm leaves. It taught her that children don't need much, but they do need their imagination and even the simplest of toys (so long as they are made to last) are toys that tell a story. Her time in Africa was followed by a long and brilliant stint as a journalist and editor, travelling around the world writing stories and seeking out new and wonderful things to share with others. 

Primatologist, writer, 'fairy' seeker and a mummy to one daughter and two rambunctious boys, Chloe knows a thing or two about finding fabulous treasures for little monkeys; toys which withstand the test of time and toddler. 



Ever since her favourite rag doll, Jemima, was first lost and then flown at top speed by a fighter jet, before being delivered safely back into her tightly crossed arms, Lops has believed that toys have a life of their own. 

Starting out as a barrister then solicitor, this dream seeking, tall-ship sailing girl can navigate by the stars, and twirls her hair when she concentrates. Early memories include scuba diving at night, wide-eyed by the luminous plankton glowing like bright fairies in the Med. 

Mummy to three squidgy girls, although half of their godparents have moved abroad since being asked... and godmother to a gazillion more, she is wonderfully loyal and straight talking - the benefit of Irish genes. 

A dab hand at making up stories on the spot, she believes children can create their own fantastic adventures and games. They just need the toys to do it, and toys can shape memories that will last a lifetime.

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